Product Description:

  • Garrett® G30-770 standard turbo assembly kit with 4" inlet and 2" outlet compressor housing and 0.61 A/R O/V, v-band in/out turbine housing.

  • Product Features:
  • New G Series compressor wheel aerodynamics
  • Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports
  • Standard and reverse rotation configurations available
  • Oil restrictor and water fittings included with purchase
  • One piece center housing and backplate for increased durability
  • 4 water jacket ports for customizable installation
  • Mar-M turbine wheel material rated up to 1050° C | 1922° F
  • Stainless steel turbine housings for temperatures up to 1050° C | 1922° F

Product Specifications:

  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 58mm
  • Compressor Wheel Exducer: 71mm
  • Compressor Wheel Trim: 65
  • Compressor Housing A/R: 0.72
  • Turbine Wheel Inducer: 60mm
  • Turbine Wheel Exducer: 55mm
  • Turbine Wheel Trim: 84
  • Turbine Housing Inlet: 3 Inch O.D. V-Band
  • Turbine Housing Outlet: 3.55 inch (90mm)O.D. w/81mm centering ring V-Band
  • Includes Oil Feed (1mm) Restrictor Fitting to -4AN
  • Includes two Coolant Fittings to -6AN
  • Includes Turbine Housing Inlet & Outlet V-Band Clamps

Installation Hardware:

  • Inlet V-Band Flange (For Turbo Manifold): ATP-FLS-350
  • Out V-Band Flange (For Down-pipe): ATP-FLS-351
  • Oil drain flange: Product Code: ATP-FLA-010
  • Oil drain gasket: Product Code: GRT-GSK-008
  • Oil drain fasteners: Product Code: MIA-FST-034
  • Boost Pressure Port Fitting: ATP-FTG-198

  • Speed Sensor Kit: ATP-ACS-032



Garrett G30-770 V-Band In/Out